Using Garcinia Cambogia to Lose Weight? 3 Must Read Tips

garcinia cambogia extract pillMake no mistake about it, losing weight is a real struggle for the majority of the population. If you have been trying to lose weight for a number of years now, and have tried numerous diets and pills, as well as many different exercise regimes, but are still not any closer to achieving your ideal weight, then you may be about ready to give up altogether.

Let’s face it, next month’s latest and greatest diet fad probably isn’t going to do you any good, and will probably only leave you incredibly frustrated.

That’s not to say you should give up just yet. In the last half a year there has been a lot of talk about a product called garcinia cambogia. Many leading experts are calling it a “miracle,” and thousands of dieters just like you are starting to see real results.

More about garcinia cambogia

The Garcinia Cambogia extract is a fruit that is found in Asia and Africa. It has had many uses throughout the years, but it is only recently that scientists discovered its potency for helping people lose weight fast.

How does it help people lose weight?

Quite simple, garcinia cambogia is so effective because it acts as an appetite suppressant, as well as helping the body burn calories faster and reduce the amount of carbohydrates that are turned into fat.

Here are 3 tips you must follow if you are planning to use garcinia cambogia to lose weight…

Get the right brand

Because garcinia cambogia is so hot right now, there are many different companies offering it on the market. Unfortunately, not every company that sells the product is completely trustworthy, and you may find that they add certain fillers into the ingredients to cut costs.

For this reason, you should only use a company that uses totally natural ingredients in their garcinia cambogia products, so you can be sure it will not be harmful to your health.  Garcinia cambogia customer reviews can be helpful in determining which brand to go for.

Follow a healthy diet

Although garcinia cambogia is very effective, you will see maximum results when you use it to supplement a healthy diet. This means you should cut out all junk food, and eat natural foods such as chicken, fish, and vegetables.


Another way to see maximum results in your weight loss efforts is to exercise on a regular basis. You don’t have to transform yourself into a gym rat, but getting on the exercise bike or going for a jog a few times a week will do you and your weight the world of good.

What is the Best Camping Gear for a Mountain Biking Trip?

If you’re planning on a mountain biking trip at some point in the future, then you might be wondering what camping gear to buy?

Firstly, it’s important that you sort out your bikes, racks and trailers before going any further, and the main authority site on this subject is so make sure you visit today to get the latest news, reviews, and opinions.

Now on to the camping gear…

Lightweight kit

The main thing to keep in mind is any gear you purchase must be lightweight, especially when you’re going to be traveling about with it in a backpack. This means you need to be ruthless when it comes to deciding what to take, and if something weighs too much then leave it at home.


When going on a mountain biking trip in the summer you don’t really have to think much about what clothing to take, as a t-shirt and shorts is usually just fine.

However, if you anticipate cold or wet weather then planning for a range of different situations is essential. Generally speaking, a good base layer of clothing is a must, as well as a range of trousers, fleeces, jackets and hats.

Choosing a tent

Let’s face it, choosing a tent is not always a straight forward task, and getting the right one is a very important aspect of having a successful trip. The first factor to take into consideration is how many people will be sleeping in the tent? For example, if there is two people then you might want to choose a 3 person tent just to give you a bit more space and comfort.

Setting up the tent is also a factor to keep in mind. Sometimes you only have a small window of opportunity to get the tent setup before evening arrives, so getting a tent which is easy to assemble and freestanding is certainly a good idea.

Pots, pans, and plates

Don’t make the mistake of including a lot of pots, pans, and plates in your camping gear as this will weigh you down and spoil the trip. Consider buying special plastic plates and cutlery that can be folded away after use, as well as only one pan for boiling and one pan for frying.

Final word

Hopefully you now have a better idea of the kind of camping equipment you should be taking on your next mountain biking trip. You’ll probably forget a few things, but take it as a learning experience so you are even more prepared for your next trip.

What to Do if You Have Cellulitis

Swollen, red and tender legs can be a sign of cellulitis, a bacterial infection that is highly uncomfortable in a mild case and possibly life-threatening in an advanced case. If you think you’ve got cellulitis, there are some very important things you must do in order to keep yourself healthy; here are the most crucial things to consider.

Don’t Let It Go Away On Its Own

If you have cellulitis – or even if you suspect you might have – you need to bite the bullet and take a trip down to the doctor’s office. While it’s true that many mild cases of cellulitis of the legs or other parts of the body can and do go away on their own, an infection that goes untreated can all too easily spiral out of control. An untreated case can easily begin to spread to other parts of the body, and this could result in you becoming very sick with sepsis or even meningitis if the infection spreads to your brain. These conditions can be life threatening, so don’t let a painful inconvenience work its way to a full-blown medical emergency; get to your doctor and get yourself treated!

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

You’re most likely going to be prescribed a strong course of antibiotics if you’ve been diagnosed with cellulitis. The most common treatment is a round of penicillin, but if you happen to be allergic you need to make sure your doctor knows so you can be prescribed the right medication for you. It’s vitally important to also take every single dose of any antibiotic prescribed to you, even if your symptoms subside and you’ve been feeling better; antibiotics take some time to build up in your system, and finishing the course leads to longer-term protection that could prevent cellulitis coming back in just a few days or weeks.

Prepare for Recurrences

Once you’ve had cellulitis at least once, odds are that you may end up coming down with a case of it again in the future. Recurrences are common in those who have suffered from cellulitis, which is why it’s so crucially important to finish a full round of prescribed antibiotics to provide some measure of protection from a recurrence that happens too quickly. Many long-time cellulitis sufferers will also try out low doses of antibiotics to prevent a recurrence, though many doctors are reticent to pursue a long-term antibiotic option to avoid developing treatment-resistant strains of the infection. Many other sufferers use herbal remedies to prevent an infection from returning with mixed results at best.

5 Tips to Help Get Rid of Back Pain

At least 80% of people will develop some form of back pain during their lives. This is definitely not a pleasant experience, and for some people, it can stop them from fully enjoying life,

Fortunately, there are many solutions out there so your don’t need to suffer in silence. In this article, we are going to be taking a closer look at 5 tips that will help you get rid of back pain.

Needless to say, if nothing works for you then consider consulting with a medical professional.

Good posture

In order to avoid chronic lower back pain it’s always a smart idea to maintain good posture when sitting down.

As an example, instead of hunching forward when sitting at your office desk, you should aim to keep a straight back and position yourself so that your eye-line is level with the computer screen.

Cold application

Another tip to help get rid of back pain is to apply a cold application at least a couple of times a day. The best way to do this is with a specially designed ice pack which is kept in the freezer until you are ready to use it.

You can also alternate between a cold application and a hot application to see if this reduces your symptoms.

Fish oil

The majority of people don’t get enough essential fatty acids in their diet. The easiest way to reverse this situation is by taking a couple of teaspoons of fish oil every morning.

Will this help you get rid of back pain? Maybe. Scientific studies have shown that people who use fish oil on a regular basis notice a reduction in their symptoms. With this mind, you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try.


In our opinion, the absolute best place to stretch your back muscles is in the shower. The reason? Because you also have the added benefit of hot water running on your back, which means you should start to feel some instant relief.

Just be careful that you don’t overdo the stretching at first, as this can make the problem worse. Ease into it gently, and watch that you don’t slip in the shower!

Go walking

Many doctors agree that walking is a great way to reduce the symptoms of back pain. Ideally, you should get 30 minutes of walking time in a day, even if it’s just around the block or down to the shops.

Become a Ninja to Improve Your Health and Mind – And Yes I’m Serious!

Have you ever considered becoming a ninja? While it might sound ridiculous to most people, in actual fact, there is a growing interest in this subject.

Why? Because the ninja secrets of the past are a great way to exercise both your mind and body. In a nutshell, it is one of the most disciplined martial arts, where learning sneaky techniques and how to use a Shuriken are common, but very few people ever get the opportunity to learn this lost art.

If you are ready to become a ninja to improve your health and mind, then this article will help you. Read on to find out more.

Ninja school

You won’t find ninja schools advertised in your local newspaper, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just like Fight Club, the first rule of ninja school is…”don’t talk about ninja school.”

So how do you find these hidden ninja schools? The best place to start looking is your local karate dojos. Ask some of the senior members about ninja training and you might just be allowed into the inner circle of knowledge.

If you are accepted into this secret world, then make sure you stay committed. Missing lessons is frowned upon, and you will quickly find yourself banished from the ninja world forever.

Ninja books and courses

Can’t find a ninja school in your area, or would yo like to learn the ninja art at your own pace? No problem. Fortunately there are a number of books and courses available to buy online, that come in both digital and print/DVD format.

However, not every book or course is created equal. Some of the guys behind these products are “fake ninjas,” and are most probably overweight charlatans that live in their parents basement.

For this reason, be very careful who you buy from. Check their credentials before handing over any cash, and also look for reviews from past customers.

There are legitimate ninjas out there spilling their secrets, which means they are well worth learning from. In fact, some of the information that is exposed in these books and courses is so effective and valuable, that in no time at all you will be a fully fledged ninja, dressed in black, lurking in the shadows, and ready to strike.


Let’s face it, the world is a dangerous place. By becoming a ninja, you are learning valuable skills that will protect you against vicious street punks. Not only that, but learning the “way of the ninja” on a daily basis will benefit your health and mind.

Unsightly Cellulite on Your Legs? ELIMINATE Now With Our Expert Tips!

There are many products and creams out there that promise to get rid of cellulite from your legs. If you are desperate for a solution, then you might be thinking about splashing the cash and trying one of them out.

Not so fast!

Before you pull out your credit card, please be aware that there are many natural ways to eliminate unsightly cellulite on your legs. Best of all, these methods are completely free, so you don’t end up breaking the bank.

Expert tips:

Visit an authority site

Your first port of call should be to visit an authority site such as Cellulite Fast Fix so you can get the right information. They have many valuable articles, and you will gain a better understanding about the condition of cellulite.

Drink a lot of water

Our resident experts swear by drinking a lot of water to get rid of cellulite on the legs. This helps to flush your body of harmful toxins, and leaves your skin looking and feeling great.

As a general rule of thumb, you should be drinking at least 2 liters of water a day…more if you engage in regular exercise or live in a hot country.

Drink less caffeine and sugary drinks

Do you drink a lot of coffee? Or how about sugary drinks such as soda and concentrated orange juice? Ultimately, this is very bad for cellulite, as consuming too many of these kind of drinks causes your body to retain more water than it should, which then increases the production of cellulite.

Increase exercise

If you currently don’t get much exercise and you consider yourself unfit, then poor blood circulation in your body could be contributing to cellulite on your legs.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to exercise at least every day for around 30 minutes each time. Dust down that old exercise bike, get some running shoes, or even join a gym. Do whatever you can to increase your exercise and get the blood in your body pumping.

Increase Vitamin C

Medical studies have proven that increased doses of Vitamin C helps the body in removing dangerous toxins. This could help to eliminate unsightly cellulite on your legs if you increase your intake over a prolonged period.

You can find many fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C, or even take a supplement every day such as a Multi-Vitamin.

Try yoga

Millions of people practice yoga all over the world, and for good reason, as it helps to increase circulation in the body.

This is why you should find a yoga class in your area and then give it a try. Not only will it help to eliminate cellulite on your legs, but it will also improve your posture and leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

7 Effective Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

If you desperately want to quit smoking but don’t know how, this article will prove to be very valuable. Take control of your health by following the 7 effective tips below.

Electronic cigarettes

Studies have proven that people who use electronic cigarettes are 3 times more likely to quit smoking for good. With this in mind, it’s definitely worth a try, and you should also stock up on e liquid so you have plenty of different flavors to enjoy with the electronic cigarette.

Take it slowly

Many people feel that they have to quit right away, and throw away the cigarettes forever. While this approach can work, the withdrawal symptoms can be horrid, which is why it’s a much better idea to take it slowly. For example, if you currently smoke 20 cigarettes a day, then try cutting down to 15. Then a few weeks later cut down to 10 a day, then 5, until you are ready to quit for good.

Nicotine patches

Another effective tip to help you quit smoking for good is to use nicotine patches. While not cheap, they do control the withdrawal symptoms as a constant supply of nicotine is released into your bloodstream throughout the day. Visit your local chemist to see what nicotine patches they have available.

Quit together

If both you and your partner smoke, then you should really try and quit together. If your partner continues to smoke why you are trying to quit, the temptation can easily become too much and you will probably be back into your old habits in no time at all.

Get active

When you are sitting around the house all day thinking about cigarettes, it makes it ten times harder to quit. Instead, make it a habit to get as active as possible, by visiting your local gym or going out for a brisk walk every day.

Eat healthy

To get the maximum benefits when you quit smoking, you should aim to eat a healthy diet at least 90% of the time. This means lot’s of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and lean meats such as chicken. Also, try and eat some oily fish every week in order to give your body essential omega 3.

Save money

Put all of the money you save from quitting smoking into a jar. For example, if you normally spend $5 a day on a pack of cigarettes, then put $5 a day into a jar. As the money piles up, your motivation will increase.

6 Diet Tips to Help You Lose Weight in 2014

On the first day of 2014, millions of people will welcome in the new year by setting weight loss goals. Unfortunately, 95% of these people will have given up on their goal by the 1st of February, and in no time at all they will be back to their normal ways.

Don’t let this happen to you! Instead, follow our 6 diet tips to help you lose weight in 2014.

Garcinia Cambogia

Weight loss experts are predicting that garcinia cambogia will take off in a big way during 2014. Up until now, it has been an insider secret used by a select few people to lose weight easily and effortlessly. Now it’s time for the mainstream, so don’t get left behind.

Treat yourself

Why deprive yourself of the things you love when trying to lose weight? Many experts agree that it’s better to treat yourself on a regular basis in order to keep your motivation levels high. With this in mind, don’t feel guilty about having a few slices of pizza, your favorite chocolate bar, or a bowl of ice cream…just don’t go overboard.


Clinical studies have proven that we are more likely to eat junk food when tired. For this reason, when you are trying to lose weight in 2014, it’s a good idea to get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. If you have trouble sleeping, then try slipping on a relaxing CD until you fall into a deep and natural relaxing sleep.


Want to lose weight, but don’t want to get off the couch? Unfortunately, you will have to do a bit of exercise in order to burn some calories. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym, as 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day will do the trick. We recommend buying an exercise bike or treadmill, so you can exercise at home, and even while watching the television.

Small meals

One of the key factors to losing weight is increasing your metabolism. The simple way to do this is by ditching your 3 large meals a day diet plan, and replacing it with 6 to 7 smaller meals. This will kickstart your metabolism, so you burn calories quicker and lose weight more easily.

Don’t go it alone

2014 doesn’t need to be a lonely year when following a diet plan. The best way to stay motivated is by joining a friendly forum on the internet, where you can connect with like minded people and give each other support.

Robotic Surgery: Is It Right For You?

Denver surgeon Warren Kortz says robot-assisted surgery is “Star Wars stuff,” “a breakthrough” and a procedure that “will eventually replace everything else.” In robotic surgery, a physician sits at a video-game-style console a few feet from the patient and manipulates up to 50 different surgical tools attached to robotic arms, using foot pedals and hand controls. A camera provides a detailed, 3-D view of what’s going on inside the patient.

Like many other medical professionals, Kortz has been sold on the idea that technology can help us overcome some of the biggest challenges in the operating room – like bleeding, scarring and recovery time. The use of robot-assisted surgery in U.S. hospitals has increased 60 percent since 2010, with over 350,000 operations performed last year, according to Bloomberg News. Part of what’s driven this explosive interest in robotic surgery is that patients seem to think robots can perform surgery better than humans. But is it really better?

Robot Surgery Pros

Robotic surgery is used to perform gall bladder removals, hysterectomies, prostate cancer treatments, heart valve operations, and other soft tissue services. “Where the robot brings value is when you get into more complex procedures,” explains Myriam Curet, chief medical adviser for surgical robot manufacturer Intuitive Surgical. She adds, “You are taking a patient who would otherwise have a large incision and now operating minimally invasively.”

A Stanford University study in the September issue of Urology reported that men who received robotic prostate operations had fewer blood transfusions, shorter hospital stays, and fewer complications (including death) in the 30 days after surgery.

Another study in a February 24, 2012 issue of European Urology assessed 286,876 patients and concluded that a robot-assisted prostate surgery is more effective than laparoscopic or open surgical approaches – with fewer complications and less blood loss.

Robot-assisted surgery dramatically improved outcomes in patients with uterine, endometrial and cervical cancers, said researchers from the Jewish General Hospital’s Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research in Montreal. The study was published in 2010 editions of The Journal of Robotic Surgery and The International Journal of Gynecological Cancer.

 Dr. Walter H. Gotlieb, Head of Gynecologic Oncology at the JGH Segal Cancer Centre, said that “patient quality of life is dramatically improved” with shorter hospital stays and far less pain medication. Furthermore, the learning curve is substantially reduced for most surgeons, compared to laparoscopic surgery.

“At the Jewish General Hospital, we went from only 15 percent of our endometrial cancer patients benefiting from Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) by laparoscopy to 95 percent using robotic surgery. In cervical cancer we did not perform MIS at all before, whereas now all of our patients benefit from it.”

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles touts smaller incisions, faster recovery time and reduced blood loss during robot-assisted surgery. Sutter Health California Pacific Medical Center said what would normally be a 5-6 inch incision is reduced to a series of small “Band-Aid incisions” with robot technology. Patients are allowed to go home right after surgery, rather than spending two nights in the hospital as with open prostate surgery. Rather than losing 600 to 1,000 cc of blood during traditional surgery, patients generally lose 200 cc or less. Robotic prostatectomies show an improved ability to preserve the erectile nerves, they add.

Robot Surgery Cons

Despite all the proposed benefits, Intuitive Surgical has come under fire for “aggressive marketing tactics” and “hyped advertising” that claims fewer complications without proof. Dr. Warren Kortz – the same surgeon who touted the $1.5 million robot as “Star Wars” technology – had 10 patients suffer serious complications between 2008 and 2011, including five punched arteries, objects accidentally left inside patients, nerve damage, and death.

Overall, reports of injuries have more than doubled in the first eight months of 2013 and 70 deaths have been reported since 2009, according to Bloomberg News. The burn risk is one of the most common problems with robotic surgery, says NBC News. They explain, “Microscopic cracks in the casing holding the scissors attachment can let electrical current leak out and, potentially, burn tissue – just as holes in the insulation on an extension cord can burn carpets and cause fires. While these devices are only supposed to be used 10 times before they are thrown out, the cracks may develop quickly, testing shows.”

In 2010, 41-year-old Teresa Hershey of Bermuda Dunes, California underwent a robot-assisted hysterectomy. “It sounded good,” she said after watching impressive YouTube videos of the robot’s performance. Yet, her bowel was punctured during the procedure – which was only discovered after she had been hospitalized for nine days in severe pain. Her recovery involved nine painstaking operations, months in hospital stays and almost $1 million in medical bills. “They are deceiving people,” she concluded, referring to the doctors and the company who sold her on the technology.

A 2011 study by doctors at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that 164 hospital robot-surgery websites “overestimate benefits, largely ignore risks and are strongly influenced by the manufacturer.”  Peter Dunn, executive medical director at Massachusetts General Hospital, told Bloomberg News that Intuitive Surgical reps were “constantly coming in” with sales pitches. “They would go to any avenue they could to infiltrate Mass General,” he said, adding that they refused because they felt the company’s marketing “pushed the limits of truth.”

Some surgeons debate whether the cost of robotic surgery is worth the risk. A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that uterine removal cost thousands more using the daVinci robot and did not reduce complications. Similarly, data from 264,758 women collected from 441 U.S. hospitals found that robotic surgeries cost hospitals $2,189 more per procedure. In the end, they weren’t convinced the cost was worth it.

The Bottom Line:

Each individual needs assess the pros and cons of robotic surgery for his or her unique case. On one hand, there have been many successful robotic surgeries performed and the complication rate is relatively low. For prostate surgeries in particular there seems to be less risk of scarring and bleeding. On the other hand, the benefits for hysterectomy patients are not as obvious and it is important to look into the hospital’s success rate in performing these surgeries. It is important to remember that daVinci robotic surgery is no miracle and that, like any surgery, risks still exist.


Interested in Health? Make it a Career!

If you are interested in health topics, and are looking for a change in life, then why not consider pursuing a career in the health industry?

It doesn’t matter if you have just left college, or are looking to switch careers, there are many opportunities available in a wide range of sectors. The health industry accepts people of all ages!

For example, you can become a Physician Assistant with very little skills or education, as most of your learning will be done on the job.

Below are some expert tips for pursuing a career in the health industry:

Set goals

In order to give yourself the best possible chance of success, it’s essential that you set career goals which are meaningful to you. Think long and hard about where you would like to see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Make your goals specific, focus on them every day, and you will find your health career taking off like a rocket.

Create a resume

The biggest challenge to be faced is getting your foot in the door for a job in the health sector. You could have all of the relevant skills and experience an employer is looking for, but if you’re resume is bland and boring, then don’t expect to be getting called for many job interviews in the near future.

The simple fact of the matter is that every health job has many applicants, which means your resume really needs to stand out from the crowd.

Consider making it simple and eye catching, and always highlight your key strengths at the very top of the page.

Continue your education

There are many different training courses related to health topics. Consider taking some night classes to update your skills and gain important certificates that relate to your chosen career path.

The best part is that you can take these kind of classes while keep a job at the same time, so you get to gain valuable experience while continuing your education.

Be aggressive

At the end of the day, you are not going to be successful in the health sector unless you are prepared to put yourself out there. If you are too passive, and you wait for opportunities rather than aggressively going after them, then don’t be surprised if you don’t get very far in your chosen career path.

Instead, decide exactly what you want, and then go after it in an aggressive manner.

Losing Weight For The Summer? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

If you want to lose weight for the summer, then it can feel like an uphill battle. Ultimately, slimming down should be a simple task, but when you commit crucial mistakes this makes the process a lot harder.

Hey, it’s not your fault. Unfortunately, instead of visiting a website like you have probably been listening to all of those fake “gurus” out there who will feed you lies and misinformation.

Avoid these 3 mistakes if you want to lose weight in time for the summer…

Doing too much

The number one mistake people make when trying to lose weight is doing too much. They aim to lose 12 pounds in 2 days, or something else equally as ridiculous. This leads to many different problems, which just makes you want to give up and go back to the way you were before.

Instead, take a long term view when it comes to dropping those pounds. Give yourself plenty of time, and realize that losing anymore than about 3 pounds a week is not only unrealistic, but it can also be very dangerous.

Using fad diets

It seems that popular culture is obsessed with fad diets. Whether it is a new detox, or something along the lines of just drinking lemonade, you have to realize that all of these diets are completely useless.

The simple truth of the matter is that your body needs a range of different foods to function properly. When you deprive yourself of vital nutrients, then you run the very serious risk of doing damage to your body.

Not only that, but the majority of weight that you do lose will typically be muscle and water, which means you quickly become dehydrated and weak.

Exercising too much

When you want to lose weight for the summer, then it can be tempting to try exercising for hours at a time. However, this is a huge mistake, as not only do you run the very real risk of injuring yourself, but it has also been scientifically proven that exercising for large periods of time does not necessarily increase the amount of fat that you burn.

It’s a much better idea to keep your exercise sessions between 30 and 45 minutes, and focus the majority of that time on interval training.

For example, if you are using an exercise bike, then get warmed up, before performing interval sets of 1 minute moderate pace, followed by 1 minute fast pace. Repeat this until you get tired and can’t do anymore.

Thanks to Sally Upton for the post.

Six Awesome Ideas For Rapid Weight Loss

Need to lose weight in a hurry? If so, then following conventional diet advice just won’t cut it. Let’s face it, most weight loss plans are tailored towards people who want to lose around 2 pounds a week.

Instead, follow our six awesome ideas for rapid weight loss:

Try garcinia cambogia extract

In recent years, a new diet supplement called garcinia cambogia extract has been hitting the shelves around the country.

How does it help you lose weight? By suppressing your appetite in between meals, so you are not tempted to snack on treats high in fat and sugar.

Can’t find garcinia cambogia extract at your local store? In this case, the best place to buy is online, from a trusted website such as Amazon.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Another idea for rapid weight loss is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This helps you to flush out harmful toxins from the body, so you can improve your digestion and increase your metabolism. Once you achieve this, then expect your body to turn into a fat burning furnace!

Eat more frequently

It seems that the majority of people these days eat 3 large meals a day. However, this isn’t good enough for losing weight rapidly, as it typically slows down your metabolism.

With this in mind, look to eat more frequently throughout the day with smaller meals every couple of hours. Experts recommend eating at least 6 small meals a day to increase your metabolism and achieve rapid weight loss.

Hit the gym

Trying to lose weight fast? If so, then one of the best activities you can do is lifting weights in the gym. The reason? Because building a little bit of lean muscle mass, will help to increase your metabolism, which in turn leads to burning more calories at a faster rate.

Eat plenty of protein

Instead of constantly filling your body with carbs that make you fat, try adding more protein to your diet. That doesn’t mean you should cut out carbs altogether, but you should definitely avoid eating too much.

Good sources of protein include oily fish, lean cuts of lamb and beef, fish such as salmon, cod, and haddock, eggs, and white meat such as chicken and turkey.

Treat yourself

In order to give yourself more motivation to lose weight, it’s always a good idea to treat yourself once a week so you have something to look forward to.

Maybe a couple of slices of pizza on a Saturday night is the right kind of treat to keep you motivated? Just don’t overdo it.

How to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

Aging is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you just have to sit there and take it. By following the tips below on a consistent basis, you can indeed look and feel 10 years younger.

Tip 1 – Use a good skin cream

In recent years, there has been big breakthroughs in the skin cream market. Some companies have come up with revolutionary formula’s that are designed to reduce the aging process of the skin.

For example, a product such as Derm Exclusive has been getting rave reviews in the press and media, and millions of people use it around the world.

Tip 2 – Don’t get stressed out

Did you know that stress weakens your immune system, and it also speeds up the aging process? With this in mind, if you want to look and feel 10 years younger, then you should do everything in your power to avoid stress and stay relaxed.

Tip 3 – Exercise on a regular basis

The human body was not designed to be sitting down all day. When you don’t get enough exercise, then your joints become stiff and your health begins to suffer. If you want to reverse the aging process of your body, then it’s essential that you exercise on a regular basis. Aim for a minimum of 3 sessions a week, either at the gym or in your home.

Tip 4 – Drink water

The reality of the situation is that when you don’t drink enough water, then this dehydrates your body and drys out your skin, meaning you will look older than you actually are. For this reason, doctors recommend that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to promote good hydration throughout your body.

Tip 5 – Take multi-vitamins

The simple fact of the matter is that most people don’t get all of the vitamins they need through their diet. If you are serious about looking and feeling 10 years younger, then your body needs a range of vitamins on a daily basis. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a high quality multi-vitamin first thing in the morning.

Tip 6 – Be careful in the sun

Too much sun exposure drys out the skin and is a major cause of wrinkles. Because of this, you need to be very careful in the sun, by keeping your exposure down to a minimum. Also, wear sunscreen at all times, as this gives you protection against harmful UV rays.

Thanks to Denise Hughes for the post.

Out of Shape? 7 Essential Fitness Tips

If you are out of shape and feeling depressed, then there are certain things you can do to regain your fitness. Stick with the tips below for a few months, and you won’t believe the difference.

Have a goal

The first step to better fitness is setting a goal for yourself. Ultimately, if you don’t have a goal, then it’s too easy to just quit and go back to your old lifestyle. Aim to lose a certain amount of pounds over a specific time frame, or be able to do 20 pull-ups in 4 weeks.

Go surfing

Did you know that surfing is an excellent way to increase your fitness levels. Not only that, but it’s also incredible fun, which means you can get fit while having a great time. Visit the Del Mar Surf Camp website for more information.

Always warm up

If you haven’t exercised for a long time, then your body will need to some time to adjust. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to fully warm up before you begin exercising, so you can avoid any nasty injuries or strains.

Get plenty of rest

When you first start out in your fitness quest, it’s often easy to overdo things. You might feel like you have all of the energy in the world, but eventually over training will catch up with you. For this reason, make sure you get plenty of rest and give your body time to recover in between workout sessions. This will ensure that you can give 100% effort in your workouts.

Drink water

It’s essential that you stay hydrated throughout the day for maximum health and fitness. Don’t drink things that are loaded with sugar, as this actually dehydrates your body, and leaves you feeling sluggish. Instead, look to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, so you can keep your body hydrated.

Eat a healthy diet

You can have the best fitness regime in the world, but if you eat junk all the time your results will be very limited. It’s not hard to follow a healthy eating plan. Simply choose natural foods whenever possible, and also make sure that the majority of products you buy are organic.

Stick with it

Improving your fitness levels is an ongoing process. If you start to slack off, then you will be soon back to where you started. That’s why you need to be determined to stick with your new lifestyle, so you can make lasting changes.

Drug Regulators Say Diabetes Meds Do Not Cause Cancer, Despite Growing Concerns

Late last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) followed in the footsteps of Europe’s drug regulation agency, concluding that data does not support growing concerns that a certain type of diabetes medication increases the risk of pancreatic adverse events and pancreatic cancer for patients who use the drugs known as GLP-1-based therapies.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) initiated a review last month of research on GLP-1-medicines in response to a recently published academic study that noted an increased risk of adverse pancreatic effects, including pancreatic cancer and inflammation of the pancreas in type-2 diabetes patients undergoing GLP-1-based therapies.

Another option for diabetes patients

The drugs in controversy work by mimicking a hormone in order to stimulate a patient’s body to naturally increase insulin production. The medicines are made by several pharmaceutical manufacturers, giving the 25 million diabetes patients in the U.S.  – in addition to those abroad – several options to help lower their blood sugar levels. Merck’s Januvia is the biggest seller, but similar medications are also widely used including Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca’s Onglyza, Bristol-Myers’ treatment Byetta, Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim’s drug Tradjenta, and Novo Nordisk’s Victoza.

European review

The EMA’s review of the study that raised concerns about the drugs’ safety identified several “methodological limitations and potential sources of bias” in the research, specifically that the participants’ differences in age, gender, disease duration and types of treatments were not adequately controlled and thus compromised the integrity of the results. For example, patients undergoing combination therapy with GLP-1 therapy with pioglitazone may have been included among the study group.

Despite that conclusion, a few instances of cases of pancreatitis were reported in clinical trials. The committee characterized those events as “spontaneous” and thus could not be relied upon to draw more generalized conclusions about how GLP-1-based therapies affect overall pancreatic health.

“Some uncertainties remain with respect to the long-term effect of these medicines on the pancreas and more data collection efforts are underway,” the EMA statement reported. In fact, one independent study exploring the link between type-2 diabetes treatments and pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer – is currently in progress. Researchers are expected to present their results in the spring of 2014.

U.S. review

In the U.S., the federal drug regulators support the European interpretation of the data. “The FDA concurs with the EMA’s conclusions regarding the potential pancreatic effects of GLP-1 based therapies,” an FDA spokeswoman told one pharmaceutical publication.

In response to the widespread concern surrounding the diabetes medicines, the U.S. National Institute of Health held a recent workshop to discuss the alarming rates of pancreatic cancer and the potential association with diabetes treatment.  While the workshop noted that pancreatic cancer may become the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States by 2050, the session found no new evidence supporting a link between GLP-1-based therapies and pancreatic cancer.

Both the U.S. and European drug regulation agencies say the current labeling requirements for the medications are adequate in their message to both diabetes patients and their doctors about the potential side-effects and risks associated with the drug. Even so, both agencies continue to call for more studies.

Despite the conflicting views among medical experts and regulatory agencies, diabetes patients in the US continue to press the issue.  In 2011 and 2012, the FDA fielded reports of 1,723 serious adverse events associated with GLP-1 therapies, including 831 cases of pancreatitis and 105 case of pancreatic cancer. The debate will likely continue until more conclusive information is made widely available.

Do You Make Any of These 4 Fitness Mistakes?

It seems that more people then ever before are hitting the gym to get in shape and achieve maximum fitness. Unfortunately, the majority of these people fail to achieve their full potential, due to the fact that they make mistakes on a regular basis.

Here are the top 4 fitness mistakes that you need to be aware of…

Not choosing a fitness plan

Quite possibly the biggest mistake is not choosing one plan and sticking to it. Instead, most people bounce around from one idea to the next, and never really have any focus with what they are doing.

You will always see better results from choosing one fitness plan and then working it on a consistent basis. For example, the Focus T25 fitness plan is a great choice for reaching your fitness goals, as it only requires around 25 minutes a day, which means it is perfect for those of you who live a busy lifestyle.

Not looking for reviews

Before you choose a fitness plan, it’s important to seek out reviews from people who have used the program in the past. This gives you a better idea of whether or not the fitness plan works, so you can either move forward with confidence or look elsewhere.

Luckily, there are many Focus T25 Reviews around the internet, so you will be able to conduct plenty of research before coming to a decision.

Not eat healthy foods

Once you have chosen a fitness plan, then the next step is to focus on your diet. Sadly, many people get this step wrong, which then ends up killing their chances of getting into shape and achieving maximum fitness.

Quite simply, healthy foods are an essential part of maintaining a healthy body, and if you ever want to see successful results, then you need to change your eating habits.

Look to eat natural foods as much as possible, and also consider taking some supplements to make sure your body is getting all of the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

Not taking it easy

If you have not trained your body for a few years, then be careful of over-training during the first couple of months. At the end of the day, this is not a race, and there are no prizes for beating your body into oblivion.

Instead, take it easy at first, so your body has the chance to slowly build up and get into sync with your new fitness plan.

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The Best Tips For Amazing Health

If you want to enjoy a better quality of life and live longer, then it’s important to take care of your health.

With this in mind, here are the best tips for amazing health…

Don’t smoke

While smoking may have been cool and hip 50 years ago, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, many people are starting to wake up to the fact that smoking cigarettes on a regular basis is bad for your health. Quit as soon as you can.

Improve digestion

One of the best ways to improve digestion and achieve optimum health is to eat lots of fiber. Foods such as nuts,brown bread, fruit, and vegetables contain all of the fiber you need for great digestion.

If you regularly suffer from constipation, then this is a good indicator that you don’t have enough fiber in your diet. Luckily, there are many great resources online that deal with the subject of constipation relief so you can restore your body back to its natural state.

Get active

At the end of the day, one of the main reasons why people struggle with their health is because they are stuck to the couch every night. If this describes you, then it’s a good idea to change your habits as soon as possible, by starting to get active at least 3 times a week.

This doesn’t need to be hard. Simply go for a jog in your local park, or even invest in a good exercise bike so you can get active in the house.

Watch your alcohol intake

While a few drinks a week is okay, many people fall into the trap of drinking more than they should. If you are drinking every night, and then binge drinking at the weekend, you could be doing serious damage to your liver.

Be honest with yourself about your current alcohol intake, and then look to cut down on the amount you drink right away.

Keep your stress levels down

The state of your mind often has a massive effect on the state of your body. If you find yourself under a lot of stress, then you need to find ways to keep your stress levels down.

Many people have found good results by meditating for 30 minutes a day. If you want to try this out for yourself, then simply find a quiet place where you can relax, preferably in the morning or at night, and then mentally cut yourself off from all of your worries and strains. Keep this up for at least 21 days, and you will definitely start to notice a huge difference.

6 Ideas to Reduce Hair Loss

In some cases, hair loss is genetic, which means there isn’t much you can do about it. However, in the majority of cases there are some things which can be done, so you can reduce hair loss and get your confidence back.

Here are 6 ideas to reduce hair loss:

Eat a healthy diet

One reason why you might be currently suffering from hair loss is because of a poor diet. Your scalp needs all of the essential minerals and vitamins to maintain a healthy head of hair. With this in mind, start making changes to your diet as soon as possible.

Hair loss products

While the majority of hair loss products are not worth the money, there are a few out there where people have reported good results from using them. For example, Har Vokse is a hair loss product that has been getting rave reviews from all over the world.

Washing your hair

Did you know that washing your hair in the wrong way can cause hair loss? For this reason, you should learn how to wash your hair in the right way, so you are able to reduce hair loss and keep a healthy head of hair. Make sure the water you use on your hair is not too hot or cold, and also be careful to massage your scalp softly to avoid any damage to your roots.

Drying your hair

Ideally, it’s a good idea to let your hair dry naturally, or to use a towel in a careful manner. Using a blow dryer is not typically an ideal solution, as excessive heat often damages the hair and can even result in hair loss.

Get a good pillow

When you consider that you spend up to 8 hours every night in bed, it’s easy to see why getting a good pillow that is soft and comfortable is a wise choice. If your pillow is hard or uncomfortable, then this can often to lead to breaking the hair, which ultimately results in hair loss.

Harsh chemicals

Under no circumstances should you use hair care products that contain harsh chemicals. Not only will they cause an allergic reaction, but they can also lead to premature hair loss when used on a consistent basis. Always check the labels before using any kind of product, and look for products that contain only natural and safe ingredients so you can keep hair loss to a bare minimum.

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Women’s Health Issues – 6 Questions For Your Doctor

If you want to experience optimum health, then it’s a good idea to visit your doctor on a regular basis. Not only that, but you also need to be prepared with a list of questions, so you can make the most of your time in the doctor’s office and get as many answers to your health concerns as possible.

Below are 6 potential questions that you may want to ask your doctor:

Is my weight healthy?

Unfortunately, the USA is right now experiencing an obesity epidemic, which means you should ask the doctor about your current weight. They will be able to weight you, and then provide further advise about how to maintain a healthy weight through special eating plans and exercise routines.

Is vaginal fluid normal?

Vaginal fluid is a problem that affects many women at some point in their life. At the end of the day, although this is an embarrassing problem, you should feel confident talking with your doctor about the issue.

Also, there are many resources online, such as that you can check out for further information.

Should I take a vitamin supplement?

In this day and age, many women are now facing vitamin deficiencies. When left untreated, this can lead to further health problems in the future.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor about possible vitamin deficiencies, so they can carry out the required tests, and then advise you on what supplements to take in the future.

Should I worry about STD’s?

No matter how many partners you have had in the last few years, it’s always a wise choice to talk with your doctor about STD’s. They can quickly arrange for you to have a sexual health test, so you can know for sure whether or not you have any STD’s that need to be treated.

How should I approach birth control?

Birth control is an important subject to discuss with your doctor, as there are many different options available. For example, you could go on the pill, stick with condoms, or even have a device fitted within your body. It really depends on your own individual needs.

Why am I struggling to get pregnant?

Recent statistics have suggested that around 11% of women in the USA may be suffering from infertility. For this reason, if you are struggling to get pregnant, then you should speak to your doctor so they can organize the appropriate tests.

A guest post from Denise Walsh.

How to Get a Beach Body? 4 Tips

If you are planning a vacation in the near future, then you will definitely want to start getting in shape so you can walk on the beach with confidence.

Getting a beach body is no easy task though. Sure, magazines and diet books will have you believe that there is a magic solution, but in reality it takes hard work and persistence.

For this reason, you should avoid fad diets and look to start eating in a more sensible manner. Experts recommend around 6 small meals a day full of natural foods for maximum weight loss results.

Also, don’t forget that in order to complete the beach body look, you also need to get the right style. For example, cheap sunglasses that look like expensive designer products are all the rage these days, and can be easily found on the internet.

Here are 4 tips for getting a beach body:


Let’s face it, you won’t get a beach body without being active. With this in mind, make sure you exercise for at least 30 minutes every day at a moderate intensity. Exercises such as jogging, cycling, and swimming, are all excellent ways to improve your overall fitness and lose excess pounds.

Weight loss supplements

If you really struggle to stick with a healthy eating plan, and are constantly craving sweet foods, then it’s a good idea to use weight loss supplements for help. As an example, there are now many appetite suppressants on the market, that leave you feeling fuller for longer, so you are not tempted to reach for junk food that makes you fat.

Eat plenty of protein

Getting into beach body shape requires that you eat the right foods on a consistent basis. For this reason, you should look to eat plenty of protein, as this provides you with slow releasing energy throughout the day. Only choose good quality sources of protein such as turkey, chicken, eggs, salmon, tuna, cod, and beans.

Hit the gym

Adding a bit of lean muscle mass will give you that perfect beach body look, so everybody will notice you when you are strolling down the beach. Consider hitting the gym at least 3 times a week, so you can give your body a full workout. Weight exercises such as barbell curls, the bench press, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and the military press, are the perfect way to achieve a beach body.

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7 Tips For a Healthy Life

Living a healthy life is very important. Not only will you protect yourself against illness and disease, but you can also feel the benefits of increased energy levels on a daily basis. With this in mind, here are 7 tips for a healthy life.

Don’t smoke

Smoking is definitely not good for your health. If you are still smoking, then it’s a good idea to do everything in your power to quit as soon as possible.

Having trouble quitting? Why not try the electronic cigarette? They are available in a range of different brands and flavors. Read the NJOY King Review for an example of what is available.

Limit alcohol

If you are not careful, then alcohol consumption can become a big problem in your life. A few drinks here, and a few drinks there, soon start to add up. For this reason, make an effort to limit the amount of alcohol you drink to around 3 unites a week.


It’s a common known fact that being stressed on a regular basis starts to affect your health. Stop stress in its tracks by taking the time during the day to meditate and relax.

Eat organic

Did you know that many foods contain harmful chemicals and are even sprayed with things such as pesticides? Why sacrifice your health any longer? Look for organic options when you are at the supermarket, or even shop at a local farm shop.

Get enough sleep

Your body needs time to properly relax every night when you are in bed. If you find that you are tossing and turning all the time, and not getting a good nights sleep, then it’s important to relax before retiring to bed. Leave your problems at the bedroom door and get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

Exercise 3 times a week

You don’t have to become a gym rat to become healthy. Medical experts recommend that the average man and woman exercise at least 3 times a week at a moderate intensity. For example, you could go for a jog in your local park, invest in an exercise bike, or even go swimming.

Get away from it all

When was the last time you had a vacation? If you are currently feeling run down, then one of the best things you can do is to get away from it all for a couple of weeks. Once you get back from a relaxing vacation, you might be surprised at just how much your health levels and mental well being have improved.